Kit List

Individual Fugitives must be equipped as follows:

Waterproof Jacket - with hood and taped seams.
Waterproof over trousers
Walking boots which must provide proper ankle support
Warm hat and gloves
Warm jumper or fleece top
Trousers - not pure cotton or denim trousers
Rucsack with waist belt
Food - enough to be self sufficient for the event + extra
Personal water bottle - minimum 1 litre
A yellow hi-vis vest
Torch and spare batteries - head torches are recommended

Groups of Fugitives must also carry:

Map - the map number(s) will be confirmed two weeks before the event
Unless map is laminated a mapcase must also be carried
Good Quality Compass (fluid filled)
Group Shelter
Bivi bag - 1000 gauge orange polythene bivi bag or blizzard pack
Small first aid kit - Plasters, Gauze, adhesive tape
Hot Flask - At least 1 litre
2 GPS enabled mobile phones with fully charged batteries, credit and access to the internet
Flashing red bike light

Groups must ensure no individual's rucksac is excesively heavy - it's a long walk.

Participants must be prepared for all weather conditions, hot or cold

All fugitives (including accompanying adults) will have a full kit check before being allowed to start the event.

Catchers will not have a full kit check but should equip themselves along similar lines if more than five minutes walk from their vehicle