Results 2012


1st19th Durham C
2nd4th Durham B
3rd4th Durham A

Scouts +1
1stFlying Space Pigs (1st Framwellgate Moor)
2ndPositrons (1st Barnard Castle)
3rdSafe and Sound (26th Darlington)

1stBad Boy Crew (Chalmers ESU)
2ndTeam Special (1st St Helen's Auckland YLU)
3rdFram Nutters (Fram ESU)

Full Results:


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
119th CS19:55SAP (13:44)Recovery bus (16:20)Sky (18:07)Black Hand Gang (19:20)
24th Durham BS19:44Wolsie Wanderers (14:27)Dropped Catches (16:01)York Ebor (16:45)The Gannets (17:44)Mrs Greeves boys (18:23)Recovery bus (19:05)
34th Durham AS19:40Wolsie Wanderers (14:22)The Gannets (15:58)York Ebor (16:40)The Gannets (17:47)Mrs Greeves boys (18:26)Take no prisoners (19:18)
4half and halfS19:40Take no prisoners (13:22)Sky (13:56)Mrs Greeves boys (14:50)Black Hand Gang (18:06)U4Coffee (18:48)KIM (19:23)
53rd South Shields ScoutsS19:40MEA (13:34)Mrs Greeves boys (14:30)Team AP (15:55)Silly hair crew (16:40)Team AP (18:29)Lead Boat (19:00)SAP (19:33)
65th Durham AS19:40Take no prisoners (13:31)KIM (15:48)Team AP (16:22)Black Hand Gang (17:41)York Ebor (18:12)Sky (18:43)MEA (19:15)
719th AS19:40Take no prisoners (13:25)U4Coffee (13:56)Team AP (15:27)MEA (16:12)Black Hand Gang (17:27)KIM (18:00)SAP (19:32)
85th Durham BS19:40Sky (13:23)Mrs Greeves boys (14:11)Dropped Catches (15:30)Wolsie Wanderers (17:10)The Gannets (17:53)Dropped Catches (18:32)MEA (19:05)
91st BurnmoorS19:43MEA (13:17)Team AP (13:48)Dropped Catches (16:32)The Gannets (17:05)Lead Boat (17:58)U4Coffee (18:36)SAP (19:13)


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Flying space pigsS119:52
2PositronsS119:54KIM (18:44)
3safe and soundS119:51Black Hand Gang (18:47)MEA (19:40)
4ShipwreckedS119:47MEA (17:00)KIM (18:58)
5Bush BabiesS119:40MEA (16:02)Take no prisoners (19:11)
6Ginger SnapsS119:46Wolsie Wanderers (14:45)Black Hand Gang (17:10)
7StandropS119:53Team AP (13:41)KIM (18:50)
8Waterhouses wanderersS119:58Dropped Catches (14:25)SAP (16:05)Black Hand Gang (19:32)
9AnonymousS119:40Sky (14:44)U4Coffee (16:48)Wolsie Wanderers (18:00)Team AP (19:10)
10The ThicketsS119:40Team AP (13:22)The Gannets (14:15)Silly hair crew (17:05)MEA (19:05)
11The renigadesS119:40MEA (13:12)Dropped Catches (16:07)KIM (18:37)Recovery bus (19:28)
12Going homeS119:48Take no prisoners (15:24)Lead Boat (17:10)Wolsie Wanderers (17:50)Team AP (18:39)York Ebor (19:37)
13Callums crusadersS119:40Wolsie Wanderers (13:52)KIM (14:52)Recovery bus (15:02)MEA (17:13)KIM (19:25)
14blokeyS119:54Sky (13:29)Mrs Greeves boys (14:39)Lead Boat (17:01)Wolsie Wanderers (17:42)Team AP (18:38)
15Norfolk and ChanceS119:48SAP (13:18)Wolsie Wanderers (16:05)Recovery bus (17:55)Recovery bus (17:55)Black Hand Gang (18:27)MEA (19:30)


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Bad Boy CrewE19:51
2Team SpecialE19:58
3Fram NuttersE19:59
4Team RocketE19:43MEA (18:53)
5Take ThatE19:56MEA (14:30)
6Wrong directionE19:40Wolsie Wanderers (18:12)Team AP (19:18)
7The AvengersE19:46Black Hand Gang (15:30)U4Coffee (18:10)MEA (18:45)
8Cant touch thisE19:40U4Coffee (14:44)U4Coffee (16:25)Team AP (17:23)York Ebor (18:25)Recovery bus (19:35)
9Birtley Explorers E19:40Sky (14:35)York Ebor (15:40)Recovery bus (16:41)Mrs Greeves boys (17:42)Recovery bus (19:15)
10Panku ESU AE19:44Black Hand Gang (14:34)U4Coffee (15:04)Sky (15:37)U4Coffee (16:55)Team AP (18:34)York Ebor (19:30)
113rd South Shields AE19:51Black Hand Gang (14:20)Sky (14:55)U4Coffee (15:30)U4Coffee (16:35)Wolsie Wanderers (17:45)Team AP (18:28)
12Insert Name HereE19:44Black Hand Gang (14:09)York Ebor (14:45)York Ebor (15:46)Team AP (16:17)KIM (17:50)Sky (18:49)
13Cams commondosE19:45Black Hand Gang (14:00)York Ebor (14:35)SAP (15:05)Mrs Greeves boys (15:42)Sky (16:22)Black Hand Gang (19:16)
143rd South Shields BE19:40Silly hair crew (14:14)Sky (15:45)Lead Boat (16:26)Team AP (17:19)Team AP (18:30)Lead Boat (19:02)SAP (19:33)
15No ideaE19:42Recovery bus (14:12)U4Coffee (14:55)York Ebor (15:45)Black Hand Gang (16:17)Team AP (16:48)Recovery bus (18:12)Sky (18:54)
16Team celeryE19:40Black Hand Gang (13:52)U4Coffee (15:05)Silly hair crew (16:08)U4Coffee (16:40)Team AP (17:32)Wolsie Wanderers (18:05)Team AP (18:51)Sky (19:25)

Did not finish

TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
The fellowship of the ringE20:05
TRRACCE20:05SkySilly hair crew
DracoE20:05York EborSilly hair crew
Sky hawksE20:05York EborBlack Hand GangU4CoffeeU4Coffee
5th Durham CS20:05SkyRecovery busTake no prisoners
19th BS20:05SkyMrs Greeves boysRecovery busSAPRecovery bus
Halo ElliteS120:05Recovery bus
Garys commandosS120:05Dropped Catches
Wolsie warriersS120:05The GannetsTake no prisoners

Catcher Results

Team AP20399.2857
Black Hand Gang17388.6906
Recovery bus15381.9048
Wolsie Wanderers12278.4525
York Ebor13263.5716
Dropped Catches7217.8571
Take no prisoners8215.2381
Silly hair crew6166.0714
Mrs Greeves boys9155.2382
The Gannets7153.5715
Lead Boat697.1428