Results 2013


2ndJaffa Cakes

Scouts +1
1stTeam SS
3rdForest Fire

1stBad Boy Crew
2ndGateshead Trolley Bashers
3rdDon't ask about Derek

Full Results:


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Invincibles (5th Durham)S20:0Were All Over It (16:21)The Black Hand Gang (18:15)Alpha Males (18:56)The 3 Stooges (19:37)
2Jaffa Cakes (19th Durham)S19:44Panku Poachers (13:24)Were All Over It (16:09)Were All Over It (17:09)Fram Scouts Canada (17:46)
3Iluminarties (19th Durham)S19:45No Mercy (13:55)Pain and Missery (15:15)Z Team (16:54)Nomads (18:10)1st Burnmoor (17:30)
4Gilegate Scouts AS19:58Pain and Missery (14:17)U 4 Coffee (14:55)Silly Hair Crew (15:45)Were All Over It (16:15)Silly Hair Crew (17:22)Collars and Cuffs (18:20)
5Team Awesome (1st Fram)S19:56Weardale Raiders (13:31)Were All Over It (14:32)Panku Poachers (16:20)Cub Leaders +1 (17:18)Were All Over It (17:51)Z Team (18:34)
6Enter Name Here (Elvet Scouts)S19:41No Mercy (13:38)Havent Caught You Yeti (14:45)The Black Hand Gang (15:15)Z Team (16:48)1st Burnmoor (17:37)Z Team (18:23)Were All Over It (18:34)


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Team SS (St Peter's)S119:41
2Blobosaurus (7th Darlington)S119:50Silly Hair Crew (16:02)The Black Middens (18:49)
3Forest Fire (1st Barnard Castle)S119:41Z Team (16:20)Winlaton (17:42)1st Burnmoor (19:24)
4Callum Crusaders (20th Whitley Bay)S119:44Alpha Males (15:43)Z Team (16:53)1st Burnmoor (19:15)
5Brussel Sprouts (1st Fram)S119:52No Mercy (14:10)Panku Poachers (14:54)No Mercy (16:30)
6Spartans (1st Barnard Castle)S120:0Were All Over It (13:32)Were All Over It (15:31)U 4 Coffee (17:45)
7Mumbo (1st Staindrop)S119:57Were All Over It (13:30)1st Burnmoor (14:43)The 3 Stooges (16:30)Winlaton (17:52)
85 Pink Zombie Goats (21st St Helen's)S119:55Cub Leaders +1 (13:55)Rainbow (14:50)1st Burnmoor (16:17)Winlaton (17:58)Collars and Cuffs (18:33)
93rd South ShieldsS119:50Were All Over It (13:24)1st Burnmoor (14:22)Pain and Missery (15:30)Cub Leaders +1 (16:41)U 4 Coffee (18:15)
10Alpha Boblets (1st Barnard Castle)S119:47Were All Over It (13:18)Havent Caught You Yeti (15:10)Fram Scouts Canada (16:36)Fram Scouts Canada (18:15)LATE (19:09)
11Elvet Scouts AS119:47Pain and Missery (14:11)Rainbow (14:42)1st Burnmoor (16:30)The 3 Stooges (17:45)Nomads (18:41)Silly Hair Crew (19:15)
12Wolsie WarriersS119:41Fram Scouts Canada (14:09)U 4 Coffee (15:15)Rainbow (16:56)1st Burnmoor (17:57)Pain and Missery (18:28)Alpha Males (19:23)
13Belmont Rainbow Unicorns (1st Belmont)S119:41Fram Scouts Canada (13:27)Winlaton (15:12)1st Burnmoor (15:51)Collars and Cuffs (16:39)Winlaton (17:30)Nomads (18:22)Panku Poachers (19:07)
14Are we there yet (19th Darlington)S119:46Were All Over It (13:24)Rainbow (13:54)Havent Caught You Yeti (14:34)Alpha Males (15:55)Weardale Raiders (17:08)Weardale Raiders (18:15)Silly Hair Crew (19:10)


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Bad Boy Crew (5th Durham)E19:55Silly Hair Crew (16:32)
2Gateshead Trolley BashersE19:49Z Team (14:15)Centurions (18:50)Panku Poachers (19:23)
3Dont ask about Derek (Centurions)E19:41Centurions (13:58)Were All Over It (14:56)Were All Over It (19:19)
4The Filth Wizards (Ravensdale)E19:41Z Team (15:29)Silly Hair Crew (17:11)The Black Middens (18:44)Weardale Raiders (19:22)
5Ninja Turtles (Harrogate Hill)E19:45Centurions (14:25)The Black Hand Gang (18:08)Centurions (19:05)No Mercy (19:36)
6The Horseman Youth (Bishop Auckland)E19:41Z Team (13:53)Were All Over It (16:41)Centurions (18:45)Alpha Males (19:18)
7The Wombles (Panku)E19:49Weardale Raiders (15:14)Fram Scouts Canada (16:28)Weardale Raiders (17:31)Centurions (19:05)Panku Poachers (19:37)
83rd South Shields BE19:58The Black Middens (15:00)U 4 Coffee (16:08)1st Burnmoor (16:40)Silly Hair Crew (17:29)Silly Hair Crew (18:45)
9Dickies Dreamboats (Hurworth)E19:41Alpha Males (13:44)Were All Over It (15:26)Alpha Males (16:08)Alpha Males (18:38)Nomads (19:10)
10STD Explorers (DRACO)E19:41Panku Poachers (13:42)Collars and Cuffs (15:35)Z Team (16:21)Winlaton (17:40)Nomads (18:15)
11Fram Explorers AE19:53Collars and Cuffs (13:36)Centurions (15:08)Winlaton (16:05)The 3 Stooges (18:18)Panku Poachers (19:37)
12Elvet ExplorersE19:48Centurions (14:30)Z Team (13:19)Centurions (15:55)The Black Hand Gang (18:10)Centurions (19:00)Panku Poachers (19:35)
13Team Rocket (Ravensdale)E20:3U 4 Coffee (14:25)Centurions (14:58)Weardale Raiders (16:44)LATE (20:03)Weardale Raiders (17:00)LATE (20:03)LATE (20:03)LATE (20:03)
14The E-jays (Phoenix)E20:2U 4 Coffee (13:45)Nomads (14:25)Collars and Cuffs (15:06)Centurions (16:20)Weardale Raiders (17:36)LATE (20:02)LATE (20:02)LATE (20:02)

Did not finish

TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
Taylor Siwft Appreciation SocE0:00
Delta ForceE20:20CenturionsLATE
Pinapples of NarniaE20:20Silly Hair CrewLATE
Norfolk and ChanceE20:20Collars and CuffsThe 3 StoogesLATE
Team RyanE20:20Weardale RaidersThe 3 StoogesAlpha MalesLATE
Team SpecialE20:20Silly Hair CrewCenturionsPanku PoachersLATE
The ADABsE20:20Silly Hair CrewThe Black Hand GangCenturionsLATE
3rd South Shields AE20:20Collars and CuffsSilly Hair CrewThe Black MiddensCollars and CuffsLATE
SkyhawksE20:20U 4 CoffeeWeardale RaidersFram Scouts CanadaWeardale RaidersCollars and CuffsSilly Hair Crew
Indian TakeawayS20:20The Black Hand GangCollars and CuffsLATE
30th South ShieldsS19:13The Black MiddensSilly Hair CrewWinlatonCollars and CuffsLATE
WinscoS20:20The Black MiddensSilly Hair CrewWinlatonCollars and CuffsWere All Over ItLATE
The Whickham OnesS20:20Alpha MalesThe Black Hand GangFram Scouts CanadaWeardale RaidersWeardale RaidersSilly Hair CrewLATE
3rd South Shields 1S20:201st BurnmoorFram Scouts CanadaCub Leaders +1Z TeamPain and MisseryCub Leaders +1LATE
Jelly BabiesS20:20Z Team1st Burnmoor1st BurnmoorWinlatonFram Scouts CanadaWeardale RaidersLATE
Team StealthS20:20Z TeamWere All Over ItAlpha MalesThe Black MiddensCub Leaders +1Were All Over ItLATE
No DirectionS20:20No MercyHavent Caught You YetiNomadsCollars and CuffsU 4 CoffeeCollars and CuffsPanku PoachersWinlatonLATE
The BobinatorsS20:20Weardale RaidersRainbowThe Black Hand GangWere All Over ItPain and MisseryCollars and CuffsSilly Hair CrewWere All Over ItLATE
Wickham WandersS10:00
Alex AvoidersS120:20Weardale RaidersThe Black Hand GangLATE
ApopylicticS120:20The 3 StoogesWere All Over It1st BurnmoorLATE
BlokeyS120:20Pain and MisseryRainbowWinlatonWeardale RaidersPanku PoachersLATE

Catcher Results

LATE 610.2 31
Were All Over It 489.4 24
Silly Hair Crew 478 18
Centurions 369.2 17
Weardale Raiders 335 20
1st Burnmoor 334.8 16
Collars and Cuffs 296.8 16
Z Team 294.8 15
Panku Poachers 252.1 12
Alpha Males 227.9 12
Winlaton 225.6 12
The 3 Stooges 203.3 8
The Black Hand Gang 198 9
Fram Scouts Canada 175.5 10
U 4 Coffee 171.9 10
The Black Middens 166 7
Nomads 147.9 8
No Mercy 137.1 6
Pain and Missery 132.1 8
Cub Leaders +1 99.5 6
Rainbow 95.4 6
Havent Caught You Yeti 59.7 4