Results 2014


1st5th Durham Doritos
2ndBritish Bulldogs (11th Darlington)
3rdThe A Team (15th Durham)
Scouts +1
1stFalcons (12th Darlington)
2ndWolves (13th Gateshead)
3rdWolsi Warriors

1stBrownies Boys (Chester-Le-Street)
2ndDelta Force (Fram)
3rdAdam and his bad boy crew (Chalmers)

Full Results:


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
15th Durham DoritosS19:34Nomands Anon (18:05)
2British BulldogsS19:30Stokus on Fire (16:24)The Locksmiths (17:55)Silly Hair Crew (19:07)
3The A TeamS19:30The Crew (14:38)Jen+Hollie (15:23)Jen+Hollie (19:25)
4Team BantaS19:31The Lost Boys (13:35)U4Coffee (16:33)Mrs Greeves Boys (18:15)
519th Durham BS19:38The Lost Boys (13:30)U4Coffee (16:11)Mrs Greeves Boys (18:15)
6Cleadon SaintsS19:42Silly Hair Crew (16:40)Van Catchers (17:15)Nomands Anon (18:05)FX (19:20)
73rd South Shield ScoutsS19:38FX (15:15)Grumpy Grapplers (17:42)Jen+Hollie (18:29)Grumpy Grapplers (19:18)
8JerryatrickS19:30Mrs Greeves Boys (14:30)Van Catchers (15:21)Mrs Greeves Boys (17:36)Stokus on Fire (18:30)
9Bob and the SupremesS19:30The Locksmiths (14:25)Mrs Greeves Boys (15:17)The Lost Boys (15:50)Stokus on Fire (17:30)
1019th Durham AS19:30The Locksmiths (13:20)The Lost Boys (15:25)Mrs Greeves Boys (17:40)Stokus on Fire (19:05)
1119th Durham CS19:38Grumpy Grapplers (13:10)Stokus on Fire (15:39)Grumpy Grapplers (17:08)Nomands Anon (18:00)
12Hawk WarriorsS19:30Silly Hair Crew (15:10)The Crew (16:25)Van Catchers (17:00)Mrs Greeves Boys (18:45)Stokus on Fire (19:15)
13Dream BananasS19:33The Lost Boys (13:40)The Locksmiths (17:00)Silly Hair Crew (17:39)Jen+Hollie (18:19)Silly Hair Crew (19:05)
14Pink StashS19:42The Crew (13:33)Jen+Hollie (14:20)FX (15:49)Stokus on Fire (16:48)Jen+Hollie (17:25)
15Spiriti MirabiliS19:39U4Coffee (13:32)U4Coffee (14:55)The Lost Boys (15:35)Grumpy Grapplers (16:14)Stokus on Fire (17:33)
16Dynamic DarloS19:30FX (13:30)Stokus on Fire (15:20)The Lost Boys (16:00)Stokus on Fire (17:00)The Lost Boys (18:55)
17Swagalicous UnicornsS19:37U4Coffee (13:26)The Crew (15:43)U4Coffee (16:52)FX (17:44)FX (18:51)
18AnonymousS19:40FX (13:20)The Crew (14:35)The Lost Boys (15:05)U4Coffee (16:25)Jen+Hollie (17:29)
19Wednesday WarriorsS19:30Grumpy Grapplers (13:14)Stokus on Fire (15:20)The Lost Boys (16:00)Stokus on Fire (17:00)The Locksmiths (19:02)
20Epic DucksS19:30The Crew (15:00)U4Coffee (15:52)Grumpy Grapplers (16:55)The Crew (18:05)FX (18:36)The Lost Boys (19:25)
215th Durham InvinciblesS19:31Jen+Hollie (13:43)U4Coffee (14:22)FX (15:57)FX (16:58)Silly Hair Crew (18:33)Stokus on Fire (19:04)
22The FreewheelersS19:30FX (13:13)The Law (14:27)The Locksmiths (15:10)Nomands Anon (17:10)Mrs Greeves Boys (18:03)The Lost Boys (18:50)
23Doon DucksS19:30U4Coffee (13:30)U4Coffee (14:50)The Lost Boys (15:40)Grumpy Grapplers (16:23)Stokus on Fire (17:17)FX (18:09)Stokus on Fire (18:48)The Lost Boys (19:28)
24The Ghosts of GarryS19:54U4Coffee (13:20)Jen+Hollie (14:12)Silly Hair Crew (14:46)FX (16:00)FX (17:02)Silly Hair Crew (17:45)U4Coffee (18:32)LATE (19:54)LATE (19:54)LATE (19:54)
25Belmont UnicornsS20:00LATEThe CrewThe CrewLATEGrumpy GrapplersLATELATELATELATELATE


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1FalconsS119:33The Locksmiths (14:05)
213th Gateshead WolvesS119:43The Crew (13:30)
3Wolsi WarriorsS119:38The Locksmiths (15:05)Van Catchers (17:50)
4MerlinsS119:30The Lost Boys (14:15)Stokus on Fire (19:00)
5Olis ArmyS119:30Jen+Hollie (16:26)Nomands Anon (17:35)The Locksmiths (19:02)
6Tels ToppersS119:49Silly Hair Crew (14:55)FX (15:41)Silly Hair Crew (18:14)
7Leader first south shields 1S119:47FX (13:20)The Crew (14:46)FX (18:26)
8Bear GrylsS119:42Silly Hair Crew (16:40)Van Catchers (17:15)Nomands Anon (18:05)FX (19:20)
9Leader first south shields 2S119:43Stokus on Fire (15:36)The Crew (18:13)FX (18:48)Silly Hair Crew (19:24)
10Bill QuayS119:32Grumpy Grapplers (15:35)Nomands Anon (17:49)FX (18:35)The Lost Boys (19:25)
11Dumbledores ArmyS119:30The Crew (14:25)Jen+Hollie (15:15)Nomands Anon (17:15)Stokus on Fire (18:06)
1222nd Golden OldiesS119:30Grumpy Grapplers (13:56)U4Coffee (14:34)FX (15:41)The Locksmiths (17:50)
13InviniblesS119:30The Crew (13:37)U4Coffee (14:20)U4Coffee (15:55)FX (16:32)U4Coffee (17:13)Mrs Greeves Boys (19:11)
14TeletubbiesS119:34FX (13:23)The Crew (15:37)Silly Hair Crew (16:08)FX (16:34)U4Coffee (17:08)FX (18:31)
15AnnihillatorsS119:36FX (13:15)The Crew (15:29)U4Coffee (16:38)Nomands Anon (17:13)Silly Hair Crew (17:53)The Lost Boys (18:50)
16Banta ClauseS119:30FX (13:10)The Crew (14:36)Jen+Hollie (15:15)Nomands Anon (17:15)Stokus on Fire (18:10)Van Catchers (19:15)
17DesperadosS119:54Jen+Hollie (16:36)Jen+Hollie (18:08)LATE (19:50)LATE (19:51)LATE (19:52)LATE (19:53)LATE (19:54)
18Powered by SquirrelsS119:54Silly Hair Crew (14:45)FX (15:55)FX (16:55)Silly Hair Crew (17:45)U4Coffee (18:32)The Crew (19:00)LATE (19:50)LATE (19:51)LATE (19:52)LATE (19:53)


PosTeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Brownies BoysE19:32
2Delta ForceE19:36
3Adam and his bad boy hair crewE19:34Jen+Hollie (16:47)FX (18:41)
4Archbishops of BanterburyE19:37Nomands Anon (13:56)FX (16:59)
5The Team that beat that other oneE19:44Jen+Hollie (17:54)Grumpy Grapplers (18:31)FX (19:27)
63rd South Shields ExplorersE19:30Grumpy Grapplers (17:49)Silly Hair Crew (18:41)The Lost Boys (19:11)
7StrollersE19:47Silly Hair Crew (15:30)FX (16:10)Jen+Hollie (18:02)
8Barney ExplorersE19:30FX (14:10)The Crew (18:40)FX (19:16)
94th The WinE19:39FX (14:03)FX (16:01)Jen+Hollie (17:07)
10Clam-mid-earE19:47Silly Hair Crew (13:47)The Lost Boys (17:50)Grumpy Grapplers (19:00)
11Of NarniaE19:30FX (14:50)Silly Hair Crew (17:00)Silly Hair Crew (18:38)Jen+Hollie (19:22)
12Rocking TurtlesE19:45FX (14:46)Silly Hair Crew (17:00)Grumpy Grapplers (18:46)FX (19:20)
13You shall not catch usE19:39Stokus on Fire (14:07)Silly Hair Crew (15:06)FX (15:55)U4Coffee (17:43)FX (19:15)
14Fellowship of the HatsE19:36Grumpy Grapplers (14:30)Silly Hair Crew (15:25)FX (16:28)The Crew (17:27)Grumpy Grapplers (18:06)FX (19:15)

Did not finish

TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
The Sargasso ConspiricyE20:10Stokus on FireFXThe LocksmithsThe CrewGrumpy GrapplersU4CoffeeLATELATELATELATE
Akabushi CrewE20:10Stokus on FireFXThe LocksmithsThe CrewGrumpy GrapplersU4CoffeeLATELATELATELATE
1st Staindrop ScoutsS0:00
Belmont Team KoalaS10:00
Belmont Team OzS10:00
22nd Little MonstersS10:00
SchnovalS120:10The LocksmithsGrumpy GrapplersLATELATELATELATELATELATELATELATE
13th EaglesS120:10FXFXSilly Hair CrewThe Lost BoysLATELATELATELATELATELATE

Catcher Results

FX 1067.5 49
Silly Hair Crew 556.7 26
The Crew 486.7 21
Jen+Hollie 476.9 19
The Lost Boys 463.3 20
Stokus on Fire 461.7 21
LATE 451.4 43
Grumpy Grapplers 407.5 19
U4Coffee 403.3 23
The Locksmiths 368.3 12
Nomands Anon 358.3 11
Mrs Greeves Boys 220 9
Van Catchers 161.7 6
The Law 16.7 1