Results 2017


1st Whickham 1 (1st Whickham)
2nd Babbling Bears (Staindrop)
3rdBelmont A

Scouts +1
1stThe A Team Plus One (Wolsingham)
2ndThe Runaways (12th Darlington)
3rdSuper Noodle Squad (21st Gateshead)

1st5th in Pursuit (Chalmers)
2ndThe Honey Badgers (Staindrop)
3rdEquation (Equation)

Full Results:


TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
Whickham 1S19:36
Babbling BearsS19:31Chitty Chitty Bang BangThird
Belmont AS19:34Silly Hair CrewBird CatchersSilly Hair Crew
The 31st RabbleS19:33ThirdThe DelinquentsNEE10EA
Red MoonS19:33ThirdNorfolk and ChanceChitty Chitty Bang Bang
Fram Wednesday AS19:18Waterhouses EliteMiddensBravo
4th BS19:19ThirdNEE10EA1st Herrington
Double Stuffed OreosS19:31The DelinquentsWaterhouses EliteSilly Hair Crew
Kung Fu PandasS19:29NEE10EAEnd ExEnd ExBravo
J2OS19:38Nowhere to hideWaterhouses EliteMiddensSilly Hair Crew
Fram Wednesday BS19:34Waterhouses EliteNorfolk and ChanceU4C1st Herrington
4th CS19:32Waterhouses EliteNorfolk and ChanceU4C1st Herrington
MWI UpdateS19:39MiddensEnd ExGilesgateSilly Hair Crew
PicoS19:30ThirdMiddensWaterhouses EliteSilly Hair Crew
Lost and confusedS19:30ThirdWaterhouses EliteMiddensSilly Hair Crew
19th team AS19:18Nowhere to hideGilesgateThe Metal HeadsDream CatchersGilesgate
19th Team CS19:34Waterhouses EliteGilesgateSilly Hair CrewThe DelinquentsThird
5th Durham AS19:19MiddensBravoNorfolk and ChanceThe DelinquentsBravo
Herrington All StarsS19:20Waterhouses EliteChitty Chitty Bang BangSilly Hair CrewMiddensBravo
Herrington NinjasS19:20Waterhouses EliteChitty Chitty Bang BangSilly Hair CrewThe Metal HeadsSilly Hair Crew
Lost boys+1S19:201st HerringtonNorfolk and ChanceBravoThe DelinquentsWaterhouses Elite
1st Burnmoor ScoutsS19:22Nowhere to hideNowhere to hideNEE10EANEE10EADream Catchers
TopperS19:28Chitty Chitty Bang BangThe DelinquentsNorfolk and ChanceDream CatchersBravo
Waterhouses AlphaS19:19Silly Hair CrewNorfolk and ChanceWhickham WanderersThe Delinquents1st Herrington
Harry GameS19:21LATE/RetiredLATE/RetiredEnd ExNEE10EAGilesgateBravo
19th Team BS19:18The DelinquentsNowhere to hideNorfolk and ChanceDream CatchersThe DelinquentsGilesgateNorfolk and Chance


TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
The A Team plus oneS119:33
The RunawaysS119:33Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Super Noodle squadS119:39Waterhouses Elite
31st Unicorn poosS119:41Silly Hair CrewNowhere to hide
Ricos WarriorsS119:36Silly Hair CrewSilly Hair Crew
KbombS119:36Silly Hair CrewSilly Hair Crew
Every Which wayS119:35Norfolk and ChanceChitty Chitty Bang Bang
Baked BeansS119:371st HerringtonChitty Chitty Bang Bang
We are the pidgeonsS119:32Waterhouses EliteDream Catchers
LurchersS119:44Chitty Chitty Bang BangChitty Chitty Bang Bang
The IEsS119:26End ExDream CatchersBravo
GrassS119:191st HerringtonChitty Chitty Bang BangWaterhouses Elite
Nutty GeezersS119:31Bird CatchersNowhere to hideNowhere to hide
Midnight MinionsS119:23Bird CatchersNEE10EABravo
Coxhoe CrusadersS119:18Bird CatchersNowhere to hideBird Catchers
Flaming MarshmallowsS119:44ThirdThe DelinquentsMiddens
The FugitivesS119:54Dream CatchersNEE10EALATE/Retired
Belmont BS119:471st HerringtonChitty Chitty Bang BangEnd ExWaterhouses Elite
Staindrop Super ScoutsS119:35GilesgateNowhere to hideNEE10EA1st Herrington
Team Fruit LoopsS119:341st HerringtonU4CThe DelinquentsGilesgate
Whickham 4S119:34Bird CatchersEnd ExNEE10EALATE/Retired
Waterhouses BravoS119:34Nowhere to hideGilesgateThe Metal HeadsThird
Wesley WanderersS119:17Waterhouses EliteThirdThe DelinquentsSilly Hair Crew
Green SunS119:19ThirdWaterhouses EliteMiddensThe Delinquents
Gummy BearsS119:48Silly Hair CrewNEE10EAWaterhouses EliteMiddens
007 DarloS119:281st HerringtonThirdWaterhouses EliteMiddensSilly Hair Crew
Jakes jumpersS119:34ThirdThe DelinquentsNowhere to hideGilesgateSilly Hair Crew
The TruantsS119:21Chitty Chitty Bang BangNEE10EABravo1st HerringtonDream Catchers
Whickham 3S119:20ThirdBravoGilesgateEnd ExBravoGilesgateWaterhouses Elite


TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
5th in pursuitE19:36
The Honey BadgesE19:37
PhoenixE19:33Waterhouses Elite
31st Quad God SquadE19:44Waterhouses Elite
Gilesgate EUE19:311st Herrington
RESU AlphaE19:401st Herrington
The A TeamE19:32Waterhouses Elite
Baywatch LassesE19:45U4C
Test IciclesE19:32Bird Catchers
Coleman huntersE19:37Bird CatchersWaterhouses Elite
Derwentside AE19:21Bird CatchersEnd Ex
The 31st DucksE19:30Waterhouses EliteSilly Hair Crew
Peng TingE19:32Waterhouses EliteNowhere to hide
RESU DeltaE19:42Silly Hair CrewSilly Hair Crew
RESU OmegaE19:42Bird CatchersSilly Hair Crew
Fram XAE19:22Silly Hair CrewThird
Fram xBetaE19:27Silly Hair CrewEnd Ex
LaserE19:31Silly Hair CrewChitty Chitty Bang Bang
Team StarburstE19:41Waterhouses EliteWaterhouses EliteMiddens
CLS Centurions RedsE19:38Whickham WanderersEnd ExNEE10EA
The SavioursE19:31NEE10EAU4CMiddens
FevaE19:361st HerringtonWaterhouses EliteEnd Ex
CLS Centurions GreensE19:48Silly Hair CrewNEE10EAGilesgate
CLS Centurions BluesE19:30U4CWaterhouses EliteSilly Hair Crew
Birtley bad boysE19:40Waterhouses EliteNowhere to hideU4CNowhere to hide
Cant touch thisE19:30U4CU4CWaterhouses EliteChitty Chitty Bang Bang
5th on the runE19:511st HerringtonWaterhouses EliteLATE/RetiredLATE/Retired
ThunderbirdE19:43U4CNowhere to hideU4CLATE/Retired
Jack ThorntonE19:32U4CChitty Chitty Bang BangWaterhouses EliteBird CatchersMiddens
Green Boot BrigadeE19:37Silly Hair CrewNEE10EASilly Hair CrewMiddens1st Herrington
LithiumE19:35Silly Hair CrewThe Metal HeadsEnd ExWaterhouses EliteNEE10EA1st Herrington
31S GingerE19:32GilesgateChitty Chitty Bang BangWaterhouses EliteSilly Hair CrewWaterhouses EliteU4C

Open Team

TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
TBADO19:32Bird CatchersEnd Ex

Catcher Results

The trophy is awarded based on the cards returned at the close of SANCTUARY.
The results below are based on the full count and may differ slightly.
Waterhouses Elite 1317.6 37
Silly Hair Crew 1130 34
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 633.3 17
1st Herrington 616.7 18
Bird Catchers 511.7 12
NEE10EA 446.7 17
Nowhere to hide 444.3 16
Middens 433.3 16
Third 432.6 15
End Ex 422.6 14
U4C 403.3 13
Gilesgate 339.5 15
The Delinquents 323.6 14
Bravo 290.2 13
Norfolk and Chance 241.9 10
Dream Catchers 211 8
LATE/Retired 166.7 7
The Metal Heads 81.7 4
Whickham Wanderers 53.3 2