Results 2019


1st Fram Thursday A
2nd Elvet 2
3rdDarlo Divas

Scouts +1
1stUnlucky for you (13th Gateshead)
2ndBelmont A
3rdWolsie Wanderers

1stDora the Explorers (Gilesgate)
2ndQuokka Tocas

Full Results:


TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Fram Thursday AS18:31
2Elvet 2S18:38U4Coffeee (17:39)Four Muskiteers (18:11)
3Darlo DivasS18:36Byers Green Catchers (15:08)4th Catchers (17:29)
4Team AS18:22Byers Green Catchers (15:33)Belmont (16:30)Washington Hunter Force (18:17)
5Middleton TeesS18:39Four Muskiteers (14:30)Falchion Finders (15:38)Four Muskiteers (17:44)
6The DucksS18:314th Catchers (14:12)Four Muskiteers (16:32)Boolas Warriors (17:44)
7Team 2S18:34DUSAGG (14:26)Space Ducks (15:07)Falchion Finders (15:50)Falchion Finders (17:40)
8Fram Wed 1S18:47Belmont (14:07)4th Catchers (16:54)Boolas Warriors (18:10)Four Muskiteers (18:27)
94th Scouts 2S18:0Belmont (14:02)Space Ducks (16:25)The Elite (16:55)U4Coffeee (17:25)Recovery bus (18:00)
10Wolsie WarriersS18:30Four Muskiteers (13:30)U4Coffeee (14:06)Falchion Finders (14:56)Fram Wed Catchers (16:02)Falchion Finders (16:33)
11Elvet 1S18:1Belmont (13:21)DUSAGG (14:27)Space Ducks (15:03)Space Ducks (17:38)Recovery bus (18:00)
12Team peppaS18:14th Catchers (14:12)The Elite (14:43)U4Coffeee (15:35)The Elite (16:40)U4Coffeee (17:22)Recovery bus (18:00)
13Cleadon WarriorsS18:324th Catchers (13:53)Fram Wed Catchers (15:16)Washington Hunter Force (15:53)The Elite (16:31)Fram Wed Catchers (17:05)Belmont (17:41)Recovery bus (18:10)
14Dont get caughtS18:29Belmont (13:34)The Elite (14:15)Space Ducks (15:03)Four Muskiteers (15:50)The Elite (16:43)U4Coffeee (17:20)Washington Hunter Force (17:50)
Fram WednesayS0:00
Coxhoe 1S0:00
Team BS20:104th CatchersRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirment
Alpha FoxtrotS19:16Washington Hunter ForceU4CoffeeeLATELATELATELATELATELATELATELATE
4th 1S19:06The EliteFour MuskiteersU4CoffeeeLATELATELATELATELATELATELATE
Pink sparkley UnicornsS20:10RetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirment


TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Unlucky for YouS118:32
2Belmont AS118:12Washington Hunter Force (18:05)
3Wolsie WanderersS118:39Byers Green Catchers (17:42)
4Delta TangoS118:31Byers Green Catchers (17:27)
5Fram Thursday BS118:31Byers Green Catchers (17:09)
6Mighty mighty 7thS118:40Four Muskiteers (15:10)
7Middleton Low forceS118:36DUSAGG (16:36)Byers Green Catchers (17:08)
81st Wickham Compass BearersS118:38The Elite (14:08)Byers Green Catchers (17:39)
9The Team with no nameS118:334th Catchers (14:05)Belmont (16:43)
10EagleS118:29Fram Wed Catchers (14:25)Space Ducks (15:07)Byers Green Catchers (16:03)
11Neils NijasS118:47Four Muskiteers (14:10)DUSAGG (14:40)Falchion Finders (17:35)
12Waterhouses AS118:30Four Muskiteers (14:00)The Elite (17:00)Washington Hunter Force (17:40)
13Coxhoe 1S118:464th Catchers (13:59)Belmont (14:34)Belmont (17:23)
14Coxhoe 2S118:484th Catchers (13:59)Belmont (14:32)Belmont (17:24)
15007 DarloS118:40Fram Wed Catchers (13:45)DUSAGG (14:35)Four Muskiteers (15:54)
16Middleton High ForceS118:21DUSAGG (14:12)Retirment (14:30)Four Muskiteers (15:20)Four Muskiteers (14:13)
17Adams Lost oneS118:43U4Coffeee (14:05)The Elite (16:36)Washington Hunter Force (17:27)Recovery bus (18:29)
18The No NamesS118:43Four Muskiteers (13:52)The Elite (14:30)Space Ducks (15:53)Belmont (16:40)
19Waterhouses BS118:29Belmont (13:45)DUSAGG (15:00)Falchion Finders (17:33)Four Muskiteers (18:20)
20Belmont BS118:33Space Ducks (13:28)Space Ducks (14:54)Fram Wed Catchers (15:53)Falchion Finders (17:52)
211st Whickham feathered friendsS118:37Belmont (13:24)Space Ducks (16:25)Falchion Finders (16:58)Byers Green Catchers (18:06)
22CondorS118:29Four Muskiteers (14:25)Space Ducks (15:06)Byers Green Catchers (16:05)Four Muskiteers (17:00)Falchion Finders (18:15)
2313th Darlington Stealth Squad S118:32Belmont (13:48)DUSAGG (14:33)Four Muskiteers (15:50)Boolas Warriors (17:47)Belmont (18:28)
2413th Darlingtn PadawansS118:574th Catchers (14:23)LATE (18:57)LATE (18:57)LATE (18:57)LATE (18:57)LATE (18:57)LATE (18:57)LATE (18:57)
25FlashS118:55Four Muskiteers (13:50)The Elite (14:26)Four Muskiteers (16:40)4th Catchers (17:25)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)
26Your Nans crispy toe nailsS118:58The Elite (14:37)Belmont (17:06)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)LATE (18:58)
5th DurhamS119:09Fram Wed CatchersU4CoffeeeBoolas WarriorsU4CoffeeeLATELATELATELATELATELATE


TeamTypeFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5
1Dora the ExplorersE18:44Four Muskiteers (18:26)
2Quokka TocasE18:304th Catchers (17:29)
3ClangersE18:34U4Coffeee (17:42)Four Muskiteers (18:15)
4The Lost CampersE18:46The Elite (16:19)Fram Wed Catchers (17:57)
5Dragon FireE18:36U4Coffeee (16:15)Recovery bus (18:20)
6Five go madeE18:50The Elite (15:47)Boolas Warriors (18:03)
7Independent Ravensdale ArmyE18:37The Elite (15:40)Boolas Warriors (18:18)
8Grouse BeatersE18:55Recovery bus (18:20)Recovery bus (18:21)Recovery bus (18:22)
9DunnoE18:46The Elite (16:19)Fram Wed Catchers (17:53)Four Muskiteers (18:06)
10Introverted Raven ArmyE18:334th Catchers (14:35)Belmont (16:46)Falchion Finders (17:34)
11Staindrop ESUE18:36Boolas Warriors (13:46)4th Catchers (16:25)Recovery bus (18:20)
12The Blackout CrewE18:38Fram Wed Catchers (15:34)Washington Hunter Force (16:12)Fram Wed Catchers (17:00)Boolas Warriors (17:56)
13Save the TurtleE18:35Washington Hunter Force (14:44)4th Catchers (15:56)Washington Hunter Force (16:25)Fram Wed Catchers (17:20)
14Team CraigE18:55The Elite (16:12)4th Catchers (17:10)Fram Wed Catchers (17:59)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)LATE (18:55)
Elvet ExporersE20:104th CatchersFour MuskiteersRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirmentRetirment
Derwentside ESUE19:03Falchion FindersBelmontWashington Hunter ForceThe EliteFram Wed CatchersLATELATELATELATELATE
Poddington PeasE19:01Falchion FindersThe EliteRecovery busLATELATELATELATELATELATELATE
Birtley AE19:02Boolas WarriorsFalchion FindersBelmontU4CoffeeeWashington Hunter Force4th CatchersLATELATELATELATE

Catcher Results

The trophy is awarded based on the cards returned at the close of SANCTUARY.
The results below are based on the full count and may differ slightly.
Four Muskiteers 794.8 25
Byers Green Catchers 561.7 10
4th Catchers 523.7 19
Belmont 488.6 20
The Elite 486.5 21
Retirment 395 38
Fram Wed Catchers 331.1 14
Washington Hunter Force 325.2 12
Falchion Finders 325 15
U4Coffeee 322.6 15
Boolas Warriors 266.7 10
Space Ducks 252.6 11
DUSAGG 231.7 8
Recovery bus 189.3 8