Rules – Catcher

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Catcher Teams

  • Catcher teams must consist of between 2 and 4 adults (18+ yrs) who must all have a current Scout DBS clearance.
  • Each Catcher team can only use 1 vehicle but may operate as two pairs on the ground.
    • Catchers are driving on their own insurance cover.
    • Drivers of the Catching Vehicle must be over 21 with a minimum of 2 years driving experience
    • The registration of the Catcher Team vehicle will be on the Catcher card, if the vehicle registration number and Catcher Card does not match then the catcher cannot take the life.
    • Mountain Bikes, Motorbikes and Quad-Bikes or equivalent may not be used.
    • Vehicles may only be used on public roads (unless authorised by organisers) and when parking this must be in accordance with the Highway Code.
    • No drones, heat seeking equipment, digital tracking devices or similar may be used without explicit permission in advance from the organisers.


  • PUTTING YOUNG PEOPLE FIRST – All adults when registering with either their teams or as catchers will be given a copy of the Scout Associations “Yellow Card” which defines and sets out the associations policy to safeguard the welfare of all members by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm. The guidance given within the “Yellow Card” must be put into practice and used at all times. On the day, all catchers will be checked against a list of registered people. No registration, no participation – our hands are tied. People with any query regarding this are advised to contact us prior to the event.
  • At registration each participant will be given a reflective armband which must be worn at all times throughout the event. Lost armbands not returned at the end of the event will be charged for at cost (£2)
  • Each Catcher vehicle will be issues with reflective tape that should be clearly displayed on the outside.
  • Each team will be given a record card to record the lives taken. Loss (or mutilation) of the record card will mean the team cannot be placed in the results.
  • All time pieces should be synchronised to the Official clock

Kit Checks

  • Catchers will not be kit checked but should equip themselves suitably for the prevailing conditions and distance from vehicle.
  • A high vis jacket per catcher, first aid kit, spare food, additional water, and spare clothing should be carried in all vehicles in case of retirement.

The Start

  • At 12:40 there will be a Catcher briefing at the finish/registration point. All Catchers are required to attend.
  • Catchers will be released at 13:00 and may begin catching Fugitive teams immediately.

Taking a life

  • A ‘catch’ is made when a Catcher touches the rucksack of any one member of a Fugitive team (no rugby tackling/ unnecessary handling of participants)
  • Catchers must be carrying their Catcher card, a pen, a timepiece (watch/mobile phone) and their armband to make a catch
  • The Fugitive team will hand over their life card. The Catcher should record their team name and the time caught on BOTH the life card and the record card.
  • Catchers must operate in a group of two or more – specifically when a catch is made two catchers must be present.
  • After catching a Fugitive team (even if the ‘catch’ is not allowed due to recent catches) Catchers should not make any attempt to track them. The same Fugitive team cannot be caught by any catcher team for 30 minutes after a catch and cannot be caught by the same catcher team for 1 hour.
  • Any disputes should be raised immediately with the event organisers.

Scout Laws/Country Code

  • All participants should ‘Follow the Country Code’ at all times and should not trespass on private land.
  • Any Fugitive or Catcher found trespassing will be disqualified. If you get lost and stray onto private land, you must move off immediately. If challenged, the utmost courtesy and diplomacy is essential. Remember, you are members of the Scout Association, and should therefore act appropriately, particularly if meeting members of the public who may be worried by your presence near their property
  • Any complaints about discourteous or dangerous driving/ parking, excessive use of the horn etc. make the entire Catcher team liable to disqualification
  • Catchers are martials first and Catchers second.


  • For safety, event boundaries will be notified at the start. Any Fugitive team crossing these boundaries will lose 3 lives. These do not count towards the Catchers total.
  • Railways, rivers, and motorways must be crossed using recognised crossing places only. Rivers and steams may not be waded or swum.
  • SHOOTING – Due to the time of year and the area used, PLEASE keep to public footpaths in areas of trees and open fields, this is due to private shooting and is extremely dangerous.


  • During the event, Fugitive team members can retire, providing that the team strength does not fall below 4, and the retiring members have been safely picked up by the organisers or a Catching team.
  • If you come across a participant wishing to retire then you are responsible for returning them to the registration point or arranging for them to be picked up by the organisers.
  • No catches may be made from the catcher vehicle if a child has been picked up into the vehicle

The Finish

  • Catching stops at 19:30
  • All catchers must report to the finish by 19.45 (unless deployed BY CONTROL to recover a retiring team)