Fugitive Scoring

Catcher Scoring

Each Fugitive Team starts with ten lives and loses one life every time they're caught.
The winning team will be the one with the most lives remaining claiming SANCTUARY (reaching the finish) within the SANCTUARY window.
In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the following sequence:
  • the team with no (least) retirements
  • the team that has gone the longest amount of time from the start without losing their first life
  • the earliest arrival in the finish window
Fugitives arriving back after SANCTUARY end will loose one life per minute (or part minute) but will still be included in the results.
Fugitives arriving back after late entries close can't claim SANCTUARY (but will still get supper!)
The winning Catcher team will be the team with the most points and will be awarded the Catcher trophy.
The trophy will be awarded based on the best information available at the time of prize giving. The final scores may be further updated after the event but the trophy will not be re-presented (unless there is found to be foul play).
Points will be awarded for each Fugitive life taken. Each Fugitive Team is worth at total of 100 points which will be split equally between each of the Catcher Teams for each catch made of that Team.
There is no extra credit for earlier catches.
The winning catcher team will be decided by the following sequence:
  • the team with most points
  • the team with most catches in total
  • the earliest arrival in the finish window

All results are subject to verification after the event.

Trophies will be awarded as soon as possible after Late entries close.