2023 Results

Wheatley Hill (2023)

Some members of PESU accepting the trophy on behalf of their fellow members.



1st PESU 3
2nd Fram Tuesday 2 
Evasive Maneuevers / Team Barney


1st 12th Gateshead Leader B
2nd Ground Control
3rd In The Rye

Full Results

Catches not necessarily listed in time order of catch. 
Team NoTeamFinishCatch 1Catch 2Catch 3Catch 4Catch 5Catch 6Catch 7Catch 8Catch 9Catch 10Total CatchesTotal Points
1Team Viennese Finger Biscuits20:01In The RyeFatfield PursuitD Ms3rd Washington Leaders40
2Tweak Twim and friendsRetired12th Gateshead Leader BTonstall TerrorsFatfield PursuitBarney Army40
3Team Barney19:50Tonstall TerrorsGround Control12th Gateshead Leader B370
5Tinky WinkyRetired12th Gateshead Leader BFatfield Pursuit 20
6Bill Bop and his Magic Mop19:30Barney ArmyKeystone CatchersIn The RyeShelly’s Angels12th Gateshead Leaders B3rd Washington Leaders640
7Too Many for NumbersRetiredFatfield Pursuit10
9Gilesgate Jail Birds19:30In The RyeTonstall TerrorsIn The RyeTonstall Terrors3rd Washington LeadersIn The RyeIn The Rye730
10BathateRetiredNo Catches00
11TJ & The Hughes19:4012th Gateshead Leaders B12th Gateshead Leaders A12th Gateshead Leaders BTonstall Terrors460
12CenturionsRetiredNo Catches00
13Perplexing platapusRetiredBarney ArmyIn The RyeGround ControlD MsSunderland Network50
16Gilesgate Escapees19:503rd Washington Leaders12th Gateshead Leaders BShelly’s AngelsIn The RyeIn The Rye550
17Ducks20:20Fatfield PursuitGround ControlFram Catchers TuesdaySunderland Network3rd Washington Leaders50
18Big Milly19:5312 Gateshead Leaders BFatfield PursuitIn The Rye340
19Hearse Drifters20:05Barney Army3rd Washington LeadersFram Catchers Tuesday30
205 Go MadD.N.A.
21The Pink PanthersRetiredNo Catches00
22By the Seat of our PantsRetiredGround Control10
23Team DishwasherRetiredKeystone CatchersFatfield Pursuit12th Gateshead Leaders B30
243rd South Shields A19;50Tonstall Terrors12th Gateshead Leaders BSunderland Network3rd Washington LeadersTonstall Terrors550
25Derwentside Explorers 1Retired12th Gateshead Leaders B10
26Derwentside Explorers 220:17Tonstall TerrorsGround ControlTonstall TerrorsD MsSunderland Network3rd Washington LeadersSunderland Network70
29Apollo 1RetiredGround Control12th Gateshead Leaders BD MsFram Catchers Tuesday40
30Apollo 220:00Ground Control10
31Apollo 319:3012th Gateshead Leaders BGround ControlD MsGround Control3rd Washington Leaders550
33St George Explorers19:3012th Gateshead Leaders AFatfield PursuitIn The RyeBarney ArmyIn The Rye550
342nd Herrington Explorer Scouts20:17Tonstall Terrors12th Gateshead Leaders BD MsFram Catchers Tuesday3rd Washington Leaders3rd Washington Leaders60
35Darlo Dodgers19:493rd Washington LeadersSunderland NetworkFram Catchers TuesdayTonstall TerrorsKeystone Catchers550
3612th Gateshead ARetiredD Ms10
37Elm Ridge EvadersRetiredNo Catches00
3812th Gateshead BRetiredNo Catches00
39Evasive Maneuevers19:50Barney ArmyFram Catchers Tuesday3rd Washington Leaders370
413rd South Shields B20:03Sunderland NetworkGround ControlTonstall TerrorsIn The RyeKeystone Catchers50
423rd South Shields CD.N.A.0
43Fat UnicornsRetiredBarney ArmyGround ControlD Ms3rd Washington Leaders40
467th Gateshead19:54In The RyeGround Control12th Gateshead Leaders BSunderland Network3rd Washington Leaders 510
47PESU 119:483rd Washington LeadersFram Catchers TuesdayD Ms12th Gateshead Leaders B12th Gateshead Leaders B550
48PESU 2RetiredKeystone CatchersIn The RyeTonstall TerrorsD Ms40
49PESU 319:39In The Rye190
503rd South Shields D19:38Barney ArmyFatfield Pursuit12th Gateshead Leaders ASunderland Network12th Gateshead Leaders A550
51Fram Tuesday 120:09Fatfield PursuitKeystone CatchersBarney Army30
52Fram Tuesday 219:47Tonstall Terrors12th Gateshead Leaders A280
533rd Washington 1RetiredD Ms12th Gateshead Leaders B12th Gateshead Leaders ATonstall Terrors40
543rd Washington 2RetiredGround ControlSunderland Network20

Catcher Team Totals

Team NoTeam NameTotal CatchesTotal PointsRank
4Barney Army92278
8Keystone Catchers614812
14In The Rye163973
15Fatfield Pursuit103604
27Tonstall Terrors153375
100Snelly’s Angels23713
32Ground Control134682
4012th Gateshead Leaders A717710
4412th Gateshead Leaders B175121
45D Ms113167
55Fram Catchers Tuesday716811
56Sunderland Network102199
573rd Washington Leaders163356